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Eco Energy International (EEI) is seeking new investors for our waste to energy initiatives which promise a great ROI. In this LLC we are implementing a plan to partner with existing Trash Companies to convert their Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into green hydrogen rather than dumping it in a landfill.

We are engineers and business men with many years of experience in the existing Energy, Waste Management and hydrogen production industries, excited about the potential to revolutionize this market.

This opportunity is open to Non-accredited and Accredited investors.

Products / Services

Tipping Fees: fees paid for receiving raw MSW

• hydrogen
• electricity generated by our Syngas
• commercial equipment
• recyclables
• carbon offset credits

Customers: project developers, public utilities, industrial and waste management companies.

Leasing: EEI will lease out our proprietary technology projects

Licensing: EEI will seek out qualified channel partners to sell regional licenses of our technologies and processes.

Developing Projects: owning and operating projects that convert MSW into useful commodities, such as renewable energy, gas, fuel for sale to third party purchasers.

Consulting: Provide consulting services based on EEI’s unique knowledge of both the waste management and renewable energy industries.