Developing Sustainable Projects with Strategic Local Partnerships



General Manager, Operations

A dual citizen of Australia and South Africa, Naphtally Mafa is a qualified electrical engineer, An Entrepreneur, a Mining Professional and an underground HD fitter with 18 years’ experience gained across the South African resources industry and the Australian underground mining sector. His career spans across South Africa and Australia in various roles in Mining and Maintenance.


Naphtally Mafa has extensive experience in strategic partnerships with trust-land elders, local stakeholders and multi-national companies to develop resources projects and facilitate opportunities for the sustainable growth of South African communities and its people.

He successfully led the ARD team in the acquisition of mining rights for manganese in the Thabazimbi area. Mafa is actively pursuing gold and nickel projects across Africa.

He is the founder and Managing Director of African Resources Development ( ARD ). ARD has Manganese and Gold projects in the Northern Parts of South Africa.
Naphtally led the Energy team that worked with:
  • Musina Makhado Special Economic Zone in a Ground-Breaking collaboration for Hydrogen Powered 3000MW power station, ARD
  • A level 1 BBBEE Mining and Services Company in Limpopo Province.
ARD Services Is in Partnership with international Companies across Energy, Rail and Contract Mining Services.


We are a proud member of AAMEG Supporting Australian Minerals and Energy Success in Africa


Transforming Coal Waste into Renewable Hydrogen

Climate change is a monumental global challenge we face today. The escalating temperatures and rising sea levels can be largely attributed to the emission of greenhouse gases. Coal, being the leading contributor, bears the brunt of anthropogenic climate change. Shockingly, coal combustion alone accounts for 46% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, making up a staggering 72% of greenhouse gas emissions from the electric industry. But that’s not all. Waste coal pollution poses another grave concern on a global scale. Vast amounts of waste coal dot the mining landscape, leaching harmful substances like iron, manganese, mercury, and aluminum into our precious waterways, causing devastating acid drainage and the demise of nearby streams. Additionally, the decay of organic matter in landfills further compounds the issue by releasing both methane and carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change. With municipal solid waste (MSW) surpassing a colossal 2 billion tons annually and projected to keep growing, it’s distressing to know that over half of this waste is deposited in landfills today, generating a staggering 800 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

The BFR process has been demonstrated on wide variety of fuels, making it viable in multiple applications. Examples of feedstocks successfully reformed into hydrogen by BFR process include Coal Industry Waste (CIW):

  • Coal
  • Waste Coal
  • Coal Fines

No Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Introducing Eco Energy International: Revolutionizing the way we power the future! Our innovative BFR technology eliminates greenhouse gas emissions by directly converting biogenic feedstocks into pure hydrogen (H2), without any CO or CO2 gases formed. This process ensures that all CO2 is sequestered in a solid form, allowing for its sale, conversion into other valuable products, or safe storage. With our cost-effective and eco-friendly approach, we are paving the way towards a sustainable future. Join us at Eco Energy International and embrace the power of clean energy solutions.

Because of this, all CO2 is sequestered in a solid form (i.e. sodium carbonate) which can be sold, converted into other products or stored.

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